Program Changes - Late changes after program book

All these changes are included in the app. Due to the late time, they did not make it into the program book.
About 20 presentations have been cancelled during the last weeks. These entries are marked at the beginning of their title. To find the full list, you can use the search function and type in: cancelled

  • Session 24 W: Change of presentations order
    Updated schedule
  • Session 08 E: Slight change of presentation times
    Updated schedule
  • Session 20 L: Production and perception of artistic voice
    Newly introduced, updated schedule
  • E. Accolti: Acoustics inside a gypsum sphere with 7 m of diameter
    New time
  • J. Braasch/J. Blauert: Binaural Modeling for Complex Environments
    Updated schedule
  • F. Chen: Sound Insulation of Monolithic or Laminated Single- and Double-Glazing Panels
    New time
  • A. Blonde: Validity Assessments of Optical Transfer Function Measurements for Technically Premixed Flames
    Now poster, new time
  • T. Graham: Spatial sound made easy: metamaterial prisms
    New poster, new time
  • X. Chen: Evaluating Sound Environment in Shenzhen by Using Artificial Neural Networks
    Now lecture, new time