18 O - Speech enrichment: listening effort and intelligibility POSTER SESSION

Day / Time: 12.09.2019, 14:40-15:40
Room: Berlin 1
Typ: Poster

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Session chair


14:40 - 14:42
Sneha Raman, Inma Hernaez, Eva Navas, Luis Serrano
A Multifaceted Enrichment of Oesophageal Speech
14:40 - 14:42
Muhammed Shifas Padinjaru Veettil, Carol Chermaz, Theognosia Chimona, Vassilis Tsiaras, Yannis Stylianou
Benefits of the WaveNet-Based Speech Intelligibility Enhancement for Normal and Hearing Impaired Listeners
14:40 - 14:42
Katherine Pearl Marcoux, Mirjam Ernestus
Differences between Native and Non-Native Lombard Speech in terms of pitch range
14:40 - 14:42
Elif Canseza Kaplan, Deniz Baskent, Anita Wagner
Differences in Processing Speech-on-Speech Between Musicians and Non-musicians: The Role of Prosodic Cues
14:40 - 14:42
Ryo Teraoka, Shuichi Sakamoto, Zhenglie Cui, YĆ“iti Suzuki, Satoshi Shioiri
Directional selectivity of auditory spatial attention in multi-talker environment.
14:40 - 14:42
Amy Jane Hall, Axel Winneke, Jan Rennies-Hochmuth
EEG alpha power as a measure of listening effort reduction in adverse conditions
14:40 - 14:42
Avashna Govender, Simon King, Cassia Valentini-Botinhao
Evaluating Cognitive Load of Text-To-Speech (TTS) synthesis
14:40 - 14:42
Seiya Funatsu, Masako Fujimoto
Fundamental research on the verbal transformation effect in Japanese
14:40 - 14:42
Chen Shen, Martin Cooke, Esther Janse
Individual Articulatory Control in Speech Enrichment
14:40 - 14:42
Olympia Simantiraki, Martin Cooke
Listeners' Speech Rate Preferences in Stationary and Modulated Maskers
14:40 - 14:42
Carol Chermaz, Cassia Valentini-Botinhao, Henning Schepker, Simon King
Near End Listening Enhancement in Realistic Environments
14:40 - 14:42
Julie Kirwan, Anita Wagner, Deniz Baskent
Ocular Correlates of Auditory Emotion Recognition in Hearing-Impaired Listeners
14:40 - 14:42
Anna Exenberger, Paul Iverson
Speech enrichment: Listening effort and intelligibility
14:40 - 14:42
Maximillian Paulus, Valerie Hazan, Anita Wagner, Patti Adank
Talker intelligibility and listening effort: The role of speaking rate
14:40 - 14:42
Muhammed Shifas Padinjaru Veettil, Claudio Santelli, Yannis Stylianou
Towards Neural-Based Single Channel Speech Enhancement for Hearing-Aids
14:40 - 14:42
Dipjyoti Paul, Yannis Pantazis, Yannis Stylianou
Weighted Generative Adversarial Network for many-to-many Voice Conversion
14:40 - 14:42
Gerard Llorach, Volker Hohmann
Word error and confusion patterns in an audiovisual German matrix sentence test (OLSA)